Life is busy in our household right now.

  • Monday: Staff Development Day at work
  • Tuesday: Staff Development Day at work – last day!
  • Wednesday: Practical Completion Inspection for our future-home.
  • Thursday: Going to get my early Christmas Gift
  • Friday: Potentially hand-over of the future-home (if we’re super super super lucky!)
  • Saturday: Christmas Eve big dinner with my family
  • Sunday: Christmas DAY – spent usually with us, and J’s family.

… and, of course, we’re on the last O-watch for 2011!

I’ve already started with OPK’s (even though it’s early) and I’ll be beginning my CB Fertility Monitor testing tomorrow … I am praying like crazy that by this time next week (Christmas morning) we’ll know if I’m a) gearing up to ovulate, or b) hitting the big-O.

I’m so nervous.

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One Response to CD8

  1. janet says:

    My clomid starts tomorrow (again) – let’s hope for Christmas for you and New Years for me! xoxo

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