What to do?

I wish I had good news, that I’d ovulated, or was close to ovulating. Unfortunately, I don’t.

We’re on CD19, no signs, 10 days of ‘high’ readings on the Fertility Monitor, all creamy CM, and the usual up/down erratic BBT charting. I’m so bored.

CD21 (which is New Years Eve) I am due to have a blood test to confirm ovulation, but it’s just like last time – there is nothing to confirm. I’m not even sure if the blood lab is open that day, but I’m going to head out early and get it over with just in case.

Now my question is…

*Do I continue to chart/temp/OPK until CD21 (Saturday) and then call it a day, and begin taking the progesterone? That would mean I ended this cycle at around 32-33 days, if the progesterone works its magic.


*Do I just keep plotting along?

I’m leaning towards ending it early, but there’s always the slight possibility that I might just ovulate later? But then, there’s also the hard reality that I’d just be waiting around indefinitely for an ovulation that might never happen.

What would you do?

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2 Responses to What to do?

  1. Jesica says:

    I seem to ovulate late, CD29 on Clomid and CD32 on my own…I would hold out and again I strongly suggest you find someone who will monitor you via ultrasound rather than bloodwork because you COULD have a giant follicle just getting ready to pop but all the blood test is going to tell you is that you haven’t ovulated yet. Clomid is nothing to mess around with, you can’t be wasting Clomid cycles without positive proof that you’re not going to ovulate! I wish you luck that this isn’t another wasted cycle!

  2. rubyskyline says:

    I completely agree with Jesica. It’s possible that you end up ovulating really late. If I was you I’d probably keep testing until CD40 or so before I induced a new cycle. That being said, I totally know how aggravating, frustrating and what an intense test of patience it is to deal with long, impossible cycles. I feel for you so much!

    I don’t know much about this, but I also agree that you should be getting ultrasounds and not just a blood test. You need more information so you can know what’s actually happening or not happening in your body before you continue to take Clomid because, like Jesica alludes to, you can only take Clomid a limited number of times.

    Wishing you the best for 2012! This is going to be our year, lady, I know it!

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