A Potential Setback…

So, let me preface this by saying that my IVF protocol might be slightly different to some of the common ones online right now – maybe because I’m in Australia? Anyway, here’s what’s gone down so far, and what I’m supposed to be doing.

I started taking the birth control pill for my down-reg cycle on March 15th, CD1. I took that daily (and nothing else, apart from prenatals and Metformin) until April 4th, when I started taking Synarel sprays, twice daily. My timetable sheet said to stop taking the birth control pill the day AFTER I started Synarel, so my last tablet was on April 5th.

I’m supposed to ring the clinic and let them know when I get my period next, and continue sniffing in the meantime.

It’s now April 8th – and AF is nowhere in sight.

My protocol says that if I’ve not gotten a period by April 11th, I’m to ring the nurses and go from there. I’m guessing that means that my stimming appointment & start date (April 12th) would be pushed back indefinitely while they decide what to do with me next.

I’ve been reading online about people who were prescribed Provera or Progesterone while they were taking their Synarel (at the same time) to induce a withdrawal bleed – I’m wondering why I wasn’t given that option, especially since I’ve not had a natural period … well, ever. Now I’m fairly certain that if AF doesn’t arrive (which it probably won’t) I’ll have my whole cycle delayed,while they wait for a period to confirm that I’m down-regulated. And that’s exactly the LAST thing I want right now: more waiting.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. AF, you have three days and YOU BETTER BE HERE BY THEN. I really want to start stimming on Thursday. 😦

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4 Responses to A Potential Setback…

  1. I don’t think it matters whether you get a period or not. They had me make a baseline appt 3 days after I finish Provera whether or not I get a period. At that appt. if they find that all is quiet, I start stims that night. Don’t despair! Maybe call the nurses sooner than later to see what happens if you don’t get AF.

    • God, I hope not. I’d ring earlier but they’re shut over the long weekend – so I’ll be talking to an answering machine anyway. I’ll ring on the 11th, as predicted – maybe they’ll just do a baseline ultrasound the morning of the 12th (the day I’m in anyway for my stimming appt) and make sure I’m down-reg? *freaks out*

  2. Blanche says:

    Auntie Flo is a real bitch. Showing up when she’s not wanted and refusing to visit when expected. Fingers crossed on your behalf that she cooperates for once.

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